The Definition of Meditation

On the basis of my experience, I can summarize the meaning of meditation. Meditation means –

1. From instability to stability – Stability

2. From outside to inside – Introversion

3. From bottom to top – Upwards

4. From material to subtle – Subtlety

5. From inanimate to conscious – Consciousness

The first meaning of this definition is- “From instability to stability.” No one gets stability outside, we gets inside ourselves. He who is not stable from inside cannot be stable outside.

Since stability is not outside, meditation has another meaning – “From outside to inside”. Here the meaning is inside the body. But where in the body? Actually our body is the best engineering of nature. This is the wonderful laboratory within which we have to meditate. It has two parts – one is below the eyes and the other is above the eyes. The threshold of both of these is called Bhrikuti i.e. Agyachakra. It is also called the third eye and the tenth door. This is the most appropriate point to focus on. Since this point is within us, that is why meditation means from outside to inside.

Now the third meaning of this definition is –“From bottom to top”. The tenth door is in the middle of the eyebrows at the peak of all our senses, so meditation means from the bottom to the top.

Whatever is lighter will come up, so the next meaning of meditation is –“From material to subtle”. When we climb a mountain, we take a lot of luggage with us, but gradually it becomes known that there was no need of so much stuff because now it seems to be a burden. As we approach the summit, we have left a lot. Behind leaving in spirituality means not renouncing things, but renouncing the attachment of things.

The final stop of this definition is –“From inanimate to conscious”. Human being is a mixture of matter and consciousness. The goal of meditation is to untie this knot. When our attention is fully concentrated on the Bhrikuti, we reach a state of bliss. This stage is our true heritage and we must achieve it. This super conscious state of mind is called “Turiyavastha in Yogadarshan” and walker of this path is called “Shreyamargi.”

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