A Superconscious Point – A Divine Experience

This is a divine experience. In the state of Samadhi, this super conscious point appears exactly in the middle of eye brows and pulls the consciousness with the same agility when an adept warrior pulls out his sword out of its scabbard. This point is located at AGYA CHAKRA (at the pineal gland). It is also called Third eye or Tenth door. This point does not appear by finding, but suddenly appears in a state of complete concentration and it takes ones consciousness beyond the physical world to another realm. This point does not have a physical existence and no physical effort (penance) can activate it. In mystic world, this point is also referred as Ek Nukta, Khaskhas ka daana, Nukta-e-suvaida, Ghar dar, Daswan dwar. As long as there is a single thought left, this point does not appear and when this point appears we cannot think of anything.

In other words we can say that as long as our body consciousness remains, the outer world also persists. Our body and physical world are co-existent because it is only through our senses we appreciate the outer world. Body and outer world are connected by our mind through sense organs; further mind and thought also co-existent. Thoughts and mind are the two sides of same coin. As thoughts disappear the mind loses its identity and as mind vanishes the body consciousness eliminates. As we transgress beyond body, the outer world no more exists for us. This is a scientific process. Whenever this super natural incident happened, on the same day this super conscious point appears and our consciousness is withdrawn from the body and we enter in a state of Savikalp Samadhi.

Right now we are in the tri-existent world. In the present state of the conscious mind there is the existence of three things – we ourselves, that Supreme Being and everything else. In spiritual science it is called Jeeva, Brahma and Prakriti. In the state of Savikalp Samadhi we move from this tri-existent world to the realm of duality… Jeeva and Brahma(Dwait). There only Jeeva and Brahma reside, nature disappears and this transcendental state of mind is called as Turiyawastha. Further state is Nirvikalp Samadhi. There exist only one. This is the state of non-duality (Advait). This state is called Brahmi or Turiyateet…a state of Param Anand. Actually this state is beyond the realm of thoughts. That is why it is written in the Katha Upanishad – “He who is ignorant, is in darkness and he who claims to have knowledge is in even more darkness.” Just imagine a person who is walking in the streets and markets wearing diving equipment and thinking that these marine instruments are helping him to walk, whose weight is approximately 25 kg, which is not felt in water. Exactly the same situation is with the intellect in the context of transcendental knowledge.

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