I am neither a Mahatma nor a Guru. I am only a questor of my immortal self. I am in search of my essential self which remains unaffected by time and space. This essence is similar to all human beings, as we emerge from the same fountainhead. I am not the first human being to tread on this path nor will I be the last. I believe that neither truth is new, never different. Because whatever is new would become old and whatever is different, cannot be universal. In fact, truth is eternal and universal. In each generation of human civilization, there have been the mystics of the absolute truth, and in the future too, there would always be such people.

When I was about 10 years of age, a sunset steered the stream of my life towards spirituality. While we boys were playing with a ball, it bounced off to the roof of our house. I went to the roof to retrieve it. As I stooped to pick the ball and I looked up, I stood stunned. I was, as if, in a trance. I felt that I stood in a vacuum. All alone. There was no one in this whole world except me. All else went blank. A friend from below called out: “O, Naveen! where are you lost? Throw the ball down”. My trance shattered. I came down. What I had seen from the roof was the “SUN-SET”. A glowing ball of fire sinking in the bowl of horizon. The setting sun made me take a dip into the ocean of deep loneliness. Though a family- father, mother, brothers, and sisters surrounded me but a profound sense of loneliness engulfed me. This sight of the setting sun left a permanent mark on my mind and this loneliness became my permanent companion.

A few days later, another event strongly impacted me. My house was situated on a path that went to a crematorium. One day, while I was playing, my eyes fell on a dead body being carried to the crematorium. I felt an emotion that I had never experienced before. Perhaps I was frightened. Then such thoughts continuously pestered my mind…..

What is death?
Is there life after death?
Perhaps no…..but what, if there is life after death?

This incident motivated me to unravel the mystery of death. In fact, these two episodes deeply influenced my psyche. There was a constant churning in my mind. I pondered over what I should do to understand these mysteries of isolation and death. I was not ready to accept that man was born to wander aimlessly in the valley of time and space. I continued with my routine activities but a fire of queries always simmered within. Abruptly, I found myself on a Doraha: one path can be terminated at any time. Another is eternal, which does not have an end. Which path to undertake? This churning constantly went on for two years in my subconscious. Then I realized that I must not tread a path that terminates at the dead-end; I must walk on a path that leads to eternity. At the age of twelve, I informed my father of my decision. He loudly rejected my resolution. Then I assured him that I would not leave home and will discharge all my familial responsibilities sincerely. By that time I had come to realize that renunciation was not necessary for spiritual upliftment, detachment is important. Understanding my point of view my father felt a little relieved. Gradually, he became conscious of my strong will and dedication to my spiritual goal.

In the first year of my teenage, I started self-study and meditation. My maternal grandfather inspired me for meditation. Understanding my keenness for study, my teacher got me enrolled with the district library of Bhiwani(Haryana) in the 14th year of my age on 2nd December 1993. This gave wings to my passion of reading books. Philosophy and history were my favorite subjects. To understand the exact context, I read them both parallel to each other. Thus I could understand the highest common factor in every religion and flow of human civilization towards spirituality. In order to search for the right path to reach the ultimate power, I read all the important mystics and philosophers of the world. Gradually, but steadily, I started discerning the translucent pathway of spiritual knowledge. An inner voice always guided me. I was more concerned with the right direction rather than the fast pace. Along with self-study, I focused on meditation because I understood that spiritual pursuits are out of the limit of senses and intellect. It does not mean that the intellect is not significant. The significance of the intellect is similar to a swimsuit. A swimsuit is important while you are in the water, however, when one is out of the water, it is just a burden.

My sensitivity was enhanced due to my meditation practices. I felt a bond with all beings. I had removed the glasses of 3C- caste, creed and country. I felt aggrieved whenever I saw anyone in pain. I thought that wisdom and happiness are the birthrights of everybody. My first teacher was nature and my role in this was that of a mere spectator. But there was an awakening in my vision. I really liked to watch the starry night. The question mark of seven stars (SaptRishi or BigDipper) seemed to ask me seven questions. However, my first query was about death, but some allied questions started emerging in my subconscious mind. The questions that emerged are-

Who am I?
From where have I emerged?
What is the objective of human life?
How can we achieve this objective?
Is death the end or the beginning of life?
What is truth? Is it what we see or do not see?
What is that, after achieving which there is no need of anything else?

I believe these are the seven fundamental questions. My whole life is now devoted to the solution of these questions. All the posts on my blog or facebook page would be orbited to these questions. Although, I may not be regular to post my thoughts because it’s not upon me to write something any time. It’s all in the hand of that hidden power which governs me. I am nothing at all. I always reasoned: after all what is the objective of human life? What is my identity beyond my physical self? Is the obligation to satisfy the ever-insatiable desires the only objective of human life? If this is the only purpose, then why nobody has ever been able to achieve this goal? Why has no one been able to satiate his sensual desires? Without a doubt, attaining happiness is the ultimate goal of human life but what is happiness, if it is present today and gone tomorrow? Happiness with the inertia of instability is a curse. What is this happiness which sharpens desire before attainment and once attained one always is fearful of losing it? Why does one feel satisfied neither before nor after its attainment? History certifies this fact.

Thus, my whole adolescent life was spent in search of wisdom. I don’t remember anything of that time span of my teenage except self-study and meditation. Then at the age of twentieth year, I had my first spiritual experience in the month of May 1999. At this point of age, I got the answer of my first question of life that death was not the end of life. I realized the super conscious state of mind. It was ME without body. How amazing was that state? I transcended the door of death i.e. the third eye. Yes, third eye is not a fiction. This is the gateway of fourth dimension at the eye centre. I simultaneously experienced my existence and non-existence. It was a moment of ecstasy for me. I was nothing and everything, nowhere and everywhere. I have given a detailed account of this experience in my coming book- “A SUNSET THAT AWAKENED ME”.

Exactly after three months of this experience- it was in August 1999 I happened to meet a divine soul. I felt I was standing in the presence of a great mystic like Swami Rama Krishna Paramhansa. I had gone to my uncle’s home in Bikaner. Shri Ram Dubey Ji was my uncle’s Guru. My uncle called Dubey Ji to his home. His holiness came and as looked at me, he asked my uncle, “How is this young man here”. On being informed by my uncle that I have come from Bhiwani he again said in a very surprised tone, “No, I am asking how this man is here on this earth”. Everybody stood stunned. After that Dubey Ji stepped towards me and said, “I have known you since your three previous births”. Then he told me about my previous births in detail. According to him, I am in human form since 300 years continuously and this was my last birth in this world. He wrote down this precious information on a paper and gave it to me. I am not sure whether what he told me is true or not but for sure if there is one word I have always loved since the age of twelve is nothing but Moksha- salvation. Later on, another prewritten manuscript of ancient Tamil revealed the same information in the year of 2013, in Tamilnadu, as Dubey Ji wrote down for me about my previous birth and spiritual purpose. Mr. Shashikant Oak described it in his famous book “Naadi Predictions” in chapter 46(Edition-2021).

I believe that all of us want Moksha; though we can not exactly define this desire. After all, who is there in this world who does not want liberation or moksha from pain or suffering? Everyone wants it. I think the actual meaning of Moksha is the death of death and life of life. Both states are the same. What difference is between minus multiply minus and plus multiply plus? I was fortunate with the divine company of Dubey Ji for 7 years. Then he left his mortal body for another birth. He used to tell me that he would have one birth more before he finally was liberated from the cycle of birth and death and attend Moksha. However, he handed me over to a mystic before leaving this mortal world. When I requested Dubey ji to initiate me, he refused by saying that another Mahatma would initiate you at the western bank of a river in December, 2004. Later on, his prophecy came true and I was initiated on the universal path of “Sonorous Light” by a great master on above said time and place.

Based on my spiritual experience I may say that death is not the end of life. You too can experience this truth through meditation. So, awaken yourself, my friends, and search for the truth hidden in your inner self. This is the truth, you may call your own; the truth which is indestructible. If you want to wait till science verifies this truth, it is your own decision. I am confident that by the mid of 21st century, even this will be proved. I believe that science is the known aspect of spirituality and spirituality is the unknown dimension of science. We know, what we know but we don’t know, what we don’t know. In fact, knowing of the unknown is greatest knowing.

But before you decide to avoid the importance of spirituality right now, answer the question I raise. Would you have opposed the Heliocentric theory if you had been born before Copernicus or opposed likewise the concept of airplane if you had been born before Wright brothers? Are you one of them who protest something which has yet been not proved? Is this the right perspective of life? Of course not.

We all are the sprinters on the road of happiness. But we never realized that the real winner of this race is one who stops to run. A running man dies in gasping. We must realize the importance of inner stability. Who will not understand the mysterious difference between needs and desires, can never be satisfied. What we all are searching for is peace and bliss, that is within us. And to achieve it, there is no need of doing anything. Yes, my dear friends, we have to do the practice of doing nothing daily in order to realize this bliss of almighty. And this doing nothing is meditation. A thoughtless state of mind and a motionless state of body is meditation. Let’s start this wonderful journey. The most amazing fact about this journey is that it begins from the self and ends with the self. We ourselves are the passenger of the train of time and we ourselves are the destination too.

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