Vegetarianism- A totally different angle

The level of the source of energy is important to spiritual uplift. Therefore, while choosing food, we should keep in mind the principle of light & reaction, because meditation is the journey of light and the source of energy will be as close as light; this journey will be equally enjoyable. We cannot escape the reaction of our own actions, because freedom is never uncountable. Therefore, our food must have both these characteristics- it should be near to light, and its reaction should be minimal. Both these characteristics are only in the vegetarian diet. Solar energy is the best form of energy. This is the first source of energy, the second source of energy is vegetables and the third source is non-veg. Any kind of spiritual progress is not possible without a vegetarian diet. All the mystics of the world stressed on this diet. The first philosophers of Asia & Europe was Buddha & Pythagoras. Both were vegetarian philosophers. For life, all vegetation depend on light and rest of all are depend on vegetation. If we look at the cycle of food, it is known that the beginning of the diet chain is from vegetation. The plants & trees convert solar energy into food by the method of photosynthesis. The meaning of the food chain is the transfer of energy from one organism to another as food. Every link in the food chain is called a nutrient level and energy loss occurs at every nutrient level. Therefore, if a middle link is removed, then the amount of energy increases, that means if a vegetable eater eats grains directly instead of the animals, then the vegetarian gets more energy from the non-vegetarians due to the small food chain. Nature did not create man for meat. Human is vegetarian by nature. Whatever is natural that is always general & is adoptable completely whole over life.

There is not a single person in this world who can survive completely on non-veg, whereas there are millions who live completely on vegetation. Non violence is the basic nature of life. Nobody wants violence with themselves. Spiritual growth without abandoning the carnivore is the same as if someone is climbing an escalator whose stairs is coming down at a higher speed than its ascent. Some people say that eggs can be eaten. But nature has made eggs for life’s journey. Eggs are the medium of the “Life transport system” of nature. The transport department of nature is tampered with eating eggs & reaction cannot be good. According to the theory of evolution, man has evolved from monkeys. The biggest prize of this evolution journey from amoeba to human is the Thumb. Thumb is directly connected to our mind. In all creatures, except for humans, the thumb is only with monkeys. The thumb has a secret relation with the vegetation. Thus who has a thumb, has been made for vegetables.

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