A Spiritual Manuscript(written 2500 years ago for me)

This has been described in detail in the most famous book on Naadi Astrology (A mystic tradition of Indian astrology) written by Shashikant Oak. He is pioneer author to introduce this tradition to the world. This book is translated in 12 languages. The name of this book is NAADI PREDICTIONS. I am specially thankful to Shri. Muthhu Kumar Samy who introduced me Sh. Shashikant Oak and arrange my meeting with Samy Sachudanandam in Tamilnadu.

I came in touch with this mysterious forecasting tradition in 2013 when I gave my thumb impression to search out my leaf and I was immense surprised to listen these prediction about my spiritual purpose. There was a great similarity in what was going in my subconscious and what has been inscribed on that leaf. I felt someone read my mind before 2500 years ago of my birth. However I know that distance of time and space has no matter for him, whose third eye is opened(as our mystic were).

These prediction are inscribed on palm leaf in ancient tamil poetic style. The predictions in this leaf is a glance of spiritual growth of a soul. All the mystic and philosophical terms are explained in this manuscript by Maharshi Agasthya. I submitted my spiritual leaf to Mr. Shashikant Oak as a spiritual heritage of Indian mysticism, for the better understanding of spiritual seekers. Its my privilege that he gave me a space in his research book. My chapter in the book is about my spiritual journey of South India in 2013 where I met with his holiness Samy Sachudanandam and I got my leaf about the spiritual purpose of my life.It was really one of an amazing experience me🌴Naadi Predictions


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